Let Me Show You How To Automatically Add New Targeted Facebook Friends
 Just By Clicking A Button!

Hi, my name is Ben Rusk and like many others I have been searching for an automated way of actively connecting with people who are genuinely interested in talking with me about my products, services and opportunities.

Then I found Friend Connector, 
this amazing tool has been a game changer.

Let me show you how it works...

Determine Your Ideal Customer Avatar

It all starts here. If you really want to crush it when it comes to selling things, you really need to know who is your ideal customer avatar. Who is your dream customer. Who is the type of person that needs what you have to offer the most?

Find Out Where They Hang Out

I realized my Ideal Customers were hanging out in facebook groups and they were also connected to C and B level influencers. Friend Connector lets you target groups where your target avatars are hanging out and it also lets you attack the C and B level influencer's friends list that your ideal customer avatar is on. Start using Friend Connector!

Connect With As Many Of Them As Possible

This is where Friend Connector preforms it's magic and is  literally worth gold! Once you've found your ideal customer avatar Friend Connector goes to work. Set any filters you want and Friend Connector will automatically send them a Friend Request.

Get Them To Know, Like, And Trust You

Now that Friend Connector is working all day everyday for you, your friends list is getting MASSIVE. All you have to do is start engaging with these ideal customers. Engage with their content, message them, and start creating content. Get them to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you and you're golden. 

Tell Them About Your Offers So They Can Buy

Now that they are beginning to know who you are you have to create and tell them about your offers. Keep posting content and link it back to your offers. These ideal customers will now start buying your stuff.  Then just keep repeating this process.

Checkout These Useful Features:

Saves Time

Works 24/7. Just select the Group where you're targeted friends like to hangout, enter your criteria, and launch Friend Connector to start making new friends!

Limit Requests

Limit the number of requests per run. Facebook does not like you friending too many people all at once.  Friend Connector mimics manual request rates.

Keyword Based

Enter the keywords that define your new friends like ("Owner", "Plumber", "Doctor", etc...) and Friend Connector will only invite those people.

Delete Pending Requests

Automatically delete previous requests that have NOT been accepted. This allows you to continue sending out friend requests even when people do not accept your invites.

Wait Time Settings

Friend Connector allows you to set the wait times between each request. This allows you to control how fast the requests go out.

Suggested List (New)

Now you can add friends from your Suggested List by entering a more or less equation.

Personalized Invites

Friend Connector allows you to send a personalized invitation with your friend requests. Randomized greetings and body test eliminates the duplication restrictions.

Delete All Friends (Coming Soon)

Coming Soon! Once you reach your 5,000 friends you will be able to delete them all with the push of a button. Then you can begin connecting with NEW friends to reach more potential customers.

Choose a plan to optimize your budget needs.

7-Day Free Trial on both plans. Pay nothing today! Cancel Anytime.

Monthly Plan
Billed monthly, no set up fee.
  • 7 Day Free Trial
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Annual Plan
Billed annually, no set up fee.
  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Save $67.00 over monthly billing

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